Ross Cockle Film & TV Credits

Title Composer/Director
Road Games COMP:Brian May (Dir.Richard Franklin)
Breakfast in Paris COMP: Brian May (Dir.John D. Lamond)
Slice of Life COMP: Brian May (Dir.John D. Lamond)
Street Hero (AFI Award) COMP:Leo Sayer (Dir.Michael Pattinson)
Street Hero (AFI Award) COMP:Ross Wilson/James Black (Dir.Michael Pattinson)
Thunder Ground COMP:Various (Dir.Barry Cross)
The More Things Change COMP:Peter Best (Dir.Robyn Nevin)
Dogs in Space COMP:Ollie Olsen (Dir.Richard Lowenstein)
The Fringe Dwellers COMP:George Dreyfus [not used] (Dir.Bruce Beresford)
Malcom COMP:Paul Coppins [not used] (Dir.Nadia Tass)
Bushfire Moon COMP:Bruce Rowland (Dir. George Miller)
Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train COMP:Peter Sullivan (Dir. Bob Ellis)
The Man from Snowy River II COMP:Bruce Rowland (Dir. Geoff Burrows)
As Time Goes By COMP:Peter Sullivan (Dir. Barry Peak)
Arguing the Toss of a Cat COMP:Paul Brown (Dir. Christine Sammers)
Hotel de Love COMP:Brett Rosenberg (Dir. Craig Rosenberg)
True Love & Chaos COMP: Martin Lubran/Dave? (Dir. Stavros Kazantzidis)
Diana & Me COMP:Brett Rosenberg (Dir. David Parker)
The Castle COMP: Craig Harnath (Dir. Rob Sitch)
Head On (AFI Nom) COMP: Ollie Olsen (Dir.Ana Kokinos)
The Other Days of Ruby Rae COMP: Brett Rosenberg
China Strike Force ( Music Editing) (Dir.Stanley Tong)
The Goddess of 1967 (+ Music Editing) COMP: Jen Anderson (Dir.Clara Law) (+ Music Editing)
Better Than Sex COMP:David Hirschfelder (Dir.Jonathan Teplitzky)
Chopper Chopper
Lets's Get Skase (AFI Nominee!) COMP: Craig Bryant (Dir.Matthew George)
Phonecard (Short Film - Tropfest entry) COMP: Sam See (Dir. Ross Cockle)
Warriors of Virtue 2 (Music Editing) COMP: Don Davis
The Pact COMP:Brett Rosenberg (Dir.Phil Avalon)
Potala Palace Dir;Cheng Wei (CCTV)
Ned Kelly (Pre Record) COMP: The Idle Didleys (Dir. Gregor Jordan)
Liquid Bridge COMP: Brett Rosenberg (Dir.Phil Avalon)
The Libertine (Music Editing ) COMP: Michael Nyman (Dir.Laurence Dunmore)
One Perfect day (+Music Editor) COMP: David Hobson (Dir.Paul Curry)
Josh Jarman COMP: Brett Rosenberg (Dir.Pip Mushin)
You & Your Stupid Mate COMP: Craig Bryant (Dir.Marc Gracie)
Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles (Remix Titles Music) COMP: Wenjing Guo (Dir.Zhang Yi Mou)
Seven Swords (Music Editing/Mix-Extra Score ) COMP: Kenji Kawai (Dir.Hark Tsui)
Book Of Revelation COMP:Cezary Skubiszewski (Dir.Ana Kokkinos)
Hunt Angels COMP: Jen Anderson (Dir.Alec Morgan)
WIL COMP: Adam Starr (Dir.Jeremy Weinstein)
The King COMP: Bryony Marks (Dir. Matthew Saville)
Like A Dream COMP:Paul Grabowsky (Dir.Clara Law)
Matching Jack COMP:Paul Grabowsky (Dir.Nadia Tass)
Whatever Happened to Brenda Hean? COMP: Brett Rosenberg (Dir.Scott Millwood)
Red Hill COMP:Dmitri Golovko (Dir.Patrick Hughes)
Beneath Hill 60 (AFI Nominee) COMP: Cezary Skubiszewski (Dir.Jeremy Sims)
TAJ COMP:Sahil Hoogan (Dir.Winston Furlong)
Eye Of The Storm COMP:Paul Grabowsky (Dir.Fred Schepisi)
Words & Pictures (+Music Editing) COMP: Paul Grabowsky (Dir.Fred Schepisi)
Wolf Creek 2 (Music Editing ) COMP: Johnny Klimek (Dir. Greg Mclean)
My Mistress COMP: Stephen Rae (Dir. Stephen Lance): Music Editing
The Menkoff Method COMP:Paul Grabowsky (Dir. David Parker)

[ ˆ = AFI Award | ! = AFI Nominee]

Title Composer/Director
House Rules COMP:Peter Sullivan (producer: Alan Hardy)
Hinch COMP: Peter Sullivan (Seven Network)
Inside Running COMP: Peter Sullivan (ABC â?? Prod: Marie Trevor)
Countdown Revolution COMP: Ross Inglis/Ean Sugarman (ABC)
The Late Show (D-Gen) COMP: Craig Harnath (ABC/ D-Generation Produtions)
Bony COMP: Frank Strangio (Seven Network)
Powercuts COMP: Craig Harnath
Phoenix (Series 1 & 2) Ross = Music Editor COMP: Paul Grabowsky (ABC/ Prod;Bill Hughes)
Neighbours - New Theme COMP: Peter Sullivan (Grundy Television Australia/ Network 10)
Tonight Live with Steve Vizard (Promo) COMP: Sam See (Seven Network)
Frontline (Network Promo) COMP: Craig Harnath - (ABC / Frontline Television Productions / Working Dog)
Funky Squad COMP: Craig Harnath (ABC- Frontline Television Productions/Working Dog)
Naked Paul Grabowsky
The Australia Remembers Concert Music: Graeme Lyall
The 1995 AFI Awards COMP: Paul Grabowsky
The 1996 AFI Awards COMP: Graeme Lyall
Access All Areas COMP: Paul Grabowsky/ Various Artists
Foxtel Sports CCOMP: Craig Harnath
Simone de Beauvoir's Babies COMP: Jen Anderson
The Devil Game COMP: Brett Rosenberg (Dir.Michael Carson)
AFL Replay - 1997 Music: Sam See
Disney 'Kid's World' COMP:Sam See
Kylie-Intimate and Live COMP;Steve Anderson/Chong Lim (Worldstar Television):Music Rec/Mix /Audio Post
Reunion (Documentary) (Dir.Lisa Wang) Audio Post Production
The Panel (Original) COMP: Craig Harnath (Network Ten/Working Dog)
Queen Kat, Carmel and St. Jude COMP:Peter Sullivan (Trout Films): Music Editor
The Panel COMP:Craig Harnath (Network Ten/Working Dog)
Noaha's Ark COMP: Paul Grabowsky (Hallmark Ent/ Babelsberg Int.Filmproduktion): Music editor
Australia: Eye of the Storm COMP:Ricky Edwards (ABC/Channel 4)
Wee Jimmy COMP:Jen Anderson (Jonathan M. Shiff Productions)
PS I Love You - 2001 COMP: Frank Strangio (Dir.Lisa Wang): Audio Post Production
Horace and Tina COMP:Brett Rosenberg (ABC Natural History Unit/ Prod:Tom Hearn)
Echoland Comp: Jen Anderson (SBS Independent)
Croc Country - Ep 4 Croc Country - Ep 4
Heard Island COMP: Jen Anderson (ABC Natural History Unit)
Neighbours - New Theme COMP:Steve Wade (Network 10)
Einstein's Wife COMP: Jen Anderson (ABC/Melsa Films/PBS)
Blue Heelers Theme COMP: Michael Atkinson (Network 7)
Commonwealth Day Service HRH ABC : Broadcast Music Mix
Asian Games Chong Lim; (SBS): Broadcast Music Mix
Make Poverty History Concert - 2006 Make Poverty History Concert - 2006
ABBAMANIA Special Chong Lim (Nine Network): Broadcast Music Mix
What Happened to Brenda Hean? COMP:Brett Rosenberg (Dir. Scott Millwood)
Hawke COMP:Bryony Marks (Dir. Emma Freeman)
7 Songs To Remember SBS/Studio: Broadcast Music Mix
Miss Fishera's Murder Mysteries Series 1 COMP: Harry Angus (Source Music)
Jack Irish: Bad Debts - 2012 COMP: Harry Angus (Dir. Jeffrey Walker)
Jack Irish: Black Tide COMP: Harry Angus (Dir. Jeffrey Walker)
Dumb Ways To Die (80mil+You Tube) COMP: Oliver McGill (DIR; Julian Frost/ Metro Campaign)
Miss Fishera's Murder Mysteries Series 2 COMP: Harry Angus (Source Music)